Content Plan & Execution

Content Strategy

We offer a comprehensive content strategy as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy with the following components.

Understanding the business case for content creation, the risks involved and the vision of successful content marketing will give clarity to the whole process.

The content strategy must also include the goals of the entire process and the value which will be added to the business through the process.

Creating a buyer’s persona is vitally important to figure out the specific audience who will consume the content. Studying the target audience is of one of the most important steps for any content marketing strategy.

The competitors’ content marketing strategy is also considered very thoroughly to create a differential value to the viewers.

The next component is setting guidelines for your brand story which must be consistently imbibed in all content.

It is vitally important to set parameters to measure the effectiveness of the content strategy. The guidelines for expectations, actual results and necessity of modification should be factored in.

The budget for content marketing program is also considered at this stage.

Content Plan & Execution

Creating a content plan involves clarity of the purpose of creating content. They can be for educating, engaging with your brand, increasing sales or building brand loyalty.

The type of content creation is decided at this stage. Content can be of different formats like blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, memes, videos, opinions, product review, how-to guides, lists, ebooks, case studies, podcasts, interviews or research and original data.

Our content plan preparation takes into account your target audience’s behavior in different media and channels.

We provide all types of content creation services.


Content Distribution through Multiple Channels

Depending on the understanding of the target audience’s preference for media, a content distribution plan is prepared which included multiple channels to reach out to the viewers.

The channels may include emails, social media, blogs, forums, youtube and many other channels.

The methods of content distribution along with the content distribution cost across different media are also planned out.


How Can We Help

Our services include a comprehensive study of your business and competitors to devise an effective content marketing strategy for you. We develop all types of content and execute the plan, with regular reporting.

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