Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Positioning is a marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands, in the mind of the customer. Companies apply this strategy by emphasizing the distinguishing features of their brand (what it is, what it does and how, etc.). They may try to create a suitable image or value proposition (inexpensive or premium, utilitarian or luxurious, entry-level or high-end, etc.) through advertising. Once a brand is positioned, it is very difficult to reposition it without destroying its credibility. It is also called product positioning.

We have the team to analyze a brand a develop appropriate value proposition in relation to competing brands and all elements are designed and developed by us.


Brand Management

Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. Tangible elements of the brand strategy include the product itself; look, price, the packaging, etc. The intangible elements are the experience that the consumer has had with the brand, and also the relationship that they have with that brand.

We have worked on creating brands in different industries. We have implemented a complete brand strategy for a new business, and also fine-tuned existing brands.

The most important parameter of creating a brand is uniqueness. The brand must tell a story which appeals to the target customers. The brand must emotionally connect with them.

Branding your business, therefore, needs careful thinking. It is important to know what the customer prefers, which real or perceived value is appealing to the customer for which he would like to pay, what problem is solved by the business.

It is also important to know the competition in the same product or service category.


Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the structure of brands in an organization’s entity. We offer creative services to design and develop corporate, umbrella or family brands, sub-brands or individual product brands.

It is critical to design the visual identity of the brands and sub-brands to communicate uniform image and value. The visual identity of a brand should communicate the brand’s message in clear terms. They should be flexible to be disseminated through different media clearly.

Once we begin developing your brand, we offer our integrated digital marketing solutions to communicate your brand story to your target audience.

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