Why Us

Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing has become quite complex currently with a plethora of online marketing channels available. Therefore it is important to have an integrated digital marketing plan with proper budget allocation for different activities to optimize return on investment. As our team has a mix of professionals who have long experience in print media, outdoor media, television, radio and digital marketing through well-planned website, search engine, social media, email and other channels which are appropriate and effective.


Vertical Experience

Our team has members with varied experience of working in different industries. We love the challenge of creating tailor-made digital marketing strategies based on the company’s budget, growth stage, industry best practices, competition and other parameters. We create a strategy which is backed by data, creative and effective. We specialize in providing solutions to a number of vertical markets, such as real estate, educational institutions, telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, travel & tourism, consumer packaged goods, and NGO.


Knowledge Supremacy

We devise and implement a digital marketing plan based on a continuous study of related data, analysis of the data and not based on hunch or assumptions. We have strong processes in place to retain knowledge about our customers’ brand strategy, architecture, and communication requirement, and channel that information for use on future communication campaigns.


Return on Investment

We have a variety of process and technology solutions and advise our customers optimum marketing communications investment. We continuously monitor the results so as to change or fine tune communication campaigns to gain better results. We help our clients get 30 to 50 per cent higher value on marketing communication initiatives while they gain sufficiently through increased customer acquisition, process efficiency, better customer service and various other means.

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