Company Profile

Who We Are

Excelligent Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated digital marketing agency founded by a group of professionals and led by Dipankar Dutta who has a long career in marketing, public relations and advertising since 1989. He has worked with many businesses and organizations to create a holistic brand strategy and is recognized as an expert in the art of non-digital and digital marketing communication.

The management team is ably supported by Mrs. Sharmistha Dutta, who has long career including one of the top  IT companies in India.

The team consists of excellent designers, developers and digital marketing professionals, capable of offering state-of-the-art service support to promote your company as well as increase efficiency in a large number of functional areas.

The company is primarily based in Kolkata but recently set up the Bangalore office.

The majority of our customers are repeat customers: in fact, we have nurtured customer relationships which are more than few years old.


What We Do

We have extensive knowledge of different industries, their unique needs for promotion and publicity, and have created tailor-made communication strategies and implemented them.

We help devise integrated digital marketing strategy for any business, carefully studying every facet of the business, its customers, its branding ideas, its goals, and objectives. Our strategy involves data analysis, creative design and media selection and optimum deployment of marketing budget based on data. We implement design and development of a business’ online presence and activity, which includes the website, the social media presence, digital media marketing tools like blogs, newsletters, emails and videos. Most importantly, we provide continuous feedback analysis and fine tuning of campaigns by using appropriate analytics software.

As the success of digital marketing is primarily dependent on a well thought out content plan and execution of that plan, we offer a complete content strategy formulation and execution through different marketing channels.

We create a complete digital marketing plan which includes digital advertising, text and video content creation, social marketing strategy, email marketing in line with your overall brand strategy.

We also design and develop almost zero budget digital marketing campaigns for start-up companies. We help start-ups to create a unique positioning strategy, construct a complete marketing ecosystem for them for faster go to market strategy and improved RoI.


What We Intend to Do in Future

We are in the process of setting up the vertical for data analytics services which we will launch shortly.